Frequently asked questions

Does it really work?

Yes it does. Multiple success stories are regularly published in WCkitty’s Cat Academy in photos and videos showing fully trained cats. We use only footage showing our own cats and our customers' cats. Please visit our Cat Academy to view the footage.


Where can I buy WCkitty?

WCkitty is available only at and is not sold in stores or any other websites.


Where is WCkitty manufactured?

Our toilet training kit is made in Poland in European Union and is shipped to all European countries. 


Is my cat going to need WCkitty after toilet training is complete? 
No, it itsn't going to need WCkitty or cat litter. Your cat will use the toilet on its own.
Can I train an older cat?
Based on our experiences with senior cats (8years old and up) we strongly believe that it is not the age, but rather natural abilities and cat's curiosity that are the key elements in achieving success in toilet training. With slower adapting cats, the training process might take a little longer, but usually no more than 12 weeks. Please watch this video on our YouTube channel.

What is the youngest age for a cat to start?
We recommend training your cat once it is at least three months old.
My cat simply loves digging! Is this not a problem?
Well the typical "digging" habit of your cat is really not a matter of love ;) These animals follow their natural instinct which tells them to cover their scent. After toilet training is complete, this habit is still present. You will notice your cat gently scratching your toilet seat after he or she is done with using it.
Is this not against cat's nature?
Your cat instinctly needs to cover the scent of its waste from bigger predators. Cat litter and a litter box are not natural in any way, and are just an option given to your cat (some cats obviously go outdoors). During toilet training you will show your cat that water covers their scent much better than litter.
Do I need any special kind of cat litter for toilet training? 
All kinds of litter can be used in toilet training. However, some of them are flushable and are more convenient. We recommend using wooden or silica cat litter.
I am afraid my cat is too heavy...
WCkitty can hold up to 15kg of pressure. Most cats weigh less than 6 kg. Even huge Maine Coons use our training kit with ease.

Can I train multiple cats with one kit?
Yes. We know people who have successfully trained up to 5 cats on one training kit. Multiple cat training lasts a little bit longer and requires a little bit more patience, since you need to adapt the training the slowest learning cat.
Our own three cats on one toilet:
Is it hygienic for humans?
A litter box is way less hygienic for humans than WCkitty. Cats get their paws dirty with litter and spread their bacteria all over the house, often jumping on furniture. During the training, up from the second ring your cat will go directly into the hole and will not have any contact with its waste.
Should I prepare my toilet before training?
Our training guide describes all taining steps and preparations in detail. No radical changes are needed. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and avoid making mistakes that have also been described in our guide.

What about the comfort of humans?
Removing WCkitty and placing it back on your toilet takes no more than 3 seconds so it is as uncomfortable as raising your toilet seat ;)
Will WCkitty fit my toilet?
Our base plate fits perfeclty to all standard toilets, even square ones.

What if my cat falls in the toilet?
Cats are amazingly dexterous animals with great balance skills. During the training your cat will learn to keep its balance on the toilet seat. Cases of falling in are extremely rare and are not dangerous. Drowning in 15cm of water can also can be excluded.

And if I successfully toilet train my cat?
Please send us your photo or video with a descripton of your cat! We will place them in our gallery of Cat Academy Graduates!