Product info
WCkitty is the only complete and reusable cat toilet training kit with exchangeable training inserts and removable rings. Cats of all age, size and breed can be successfully toilet trained.
Based on years of our own experiences in toilet training of our own cats, we have designed a training method that is easy, universal and highly successfull. 
The positive training method is based on very gradual and gentle adjustment of training steps to every individual cat's abilites. The method ensures you will not have to force your cat to adapt in very few and fixed stages which he or she may not accept.
The training system including exchangeable inserts with removable rings is an innovative cat toilet training method developed by WCkitty team which has been registered in Polish Patent Office. 

Our training kit was designed with help of vets, breeders, animal behaviourists and cat owners.

WCkitty kit as well as the postivie training method have won Grand Prix Best pet product award at ZOOBOTANICA 2012 EXPO in Wroclaw for innovation in cat products.

Every day WCkitty gains new fans among cat owners all over Europe. Our kit receives regular press coverage, we have also been guests of TVP2 on Polish national television:


The training kit includes:


 WCkitty base plate

WCkitty base plate with printed logo is put under a toilet seat and is a base for exchangeable training inserts which are placed inside it. The base plate is reusable.



 2x exchangeable training inserts

WCkitty exchangeable training inserts have been designed in order to make enlarging of an opening in the inserts nearly invisible for your cat. They are designed with 6 removable rings making the training very gradual, easy, and stress-free. 


WCkitty international training guide

Our international training guide is written in English, German, Czech, Italian, French and Spanish. It contains all essential information and training tips including a description of positive training method developed by the WCkitty team. The guide was based on years of our own experiences in cat toilet training as well as experiences of our customers.


4x anti-slip stickers

If needed, the stickers can be placed on the bottom of WCkitty base plate providing extra stability on the surface of your toilet. 


 WCkitty box

Elegant and solid box will protect your kit during shipping.