How it works
WCkitty uses every cat's instinctual need for covering their waste. During the training process, your cat learns to accept water instead of cat litter and to use a human toilet instead of a litter box. The process is safe, does not expose your cat to stress and usually lasts from 8 to no more than 12 weeks.
Toilet training with WCkitty is possible for cats of all size, age and breed. 
Please watch our video below:
How much can you save?
Let's count:
While purchasing medium quality cat litter, an avreage cat owner spends: 
10,00 EUROS per month
120,00 EUROS per year
2040,00 EUROS during 17 years of your cat's life

If you own two cats, your cat litter amount goes up by 1/2  (in some cases a 100%), then it 
seems clear that you spend:
15,00 EUROS per month
180,00 EUROS per year
3060,00 EUROS during 17 years of your cats' life
And the most important: WCkitty is purchased only once! Cat litter has to be purchased regularly for the entire life of your cat! Our training kit will bring significant savings to you and your family! 


With WCkitty adapt the training to your cat, instead of adapting your cat to the training! 

The training process has been divided into 9 main stages:

Additionaly, cat owner can freely modify the shape of the training insert: You can enlarge the opening every week with one ring or gradually by a few milimeters everyday. You can remove only 1/4 or 1/2 of the ring. All to make the training gentle, gradual and stress-free for your cat.

And the most important: Ring removal does not ruin the base plate. By placing a new training insert inside it you can start over with another cat!